Ricki Hall Learns to Ride with Newmarket Harley-Davidson

POSTED: 01/07/2019

Ricki Hall who is an international model working with brands such as Lyle & Scott and Diesel, recently met the team from Newmarket Harley-Davidson at Captain Fawcett's Gentlemans Grooming HQ when discussing plans for the upcoming 'Barbers Ride'. Quick plug here... Ricki has teamed up with Captain Fawcett and recently released his own line of Beard & Moustache products and Fragrance 'Booze and Baccy' - if you haven't tried it already, you should.

Anyway, back to the story... Ricki and Mike (General Sales Manager at Newmarket H-D) got talking about bikes, and Ricki said how he used to ride off-road when he was younger and how his dad used to have a motorcycle garage back in Wolverhampton; and that he loves Harley's and their modern classic, stylish looks. Mike jumped at this opportunity and invitied Ricki to come see him thinking he'd be able to strike up a deal; when Ricki said "I'd love to, but I don't have a licence, I should really get around to doing my test some time, especially with Barbers Ride later this year, it'd be great to take part". 

No licence, no problem! We want to get as many people out experiencing the freedom and excitement that riding a Harley can bring, so we're funding Ricki's licence and training - giving him his Passport to Freedom. Ricki's mid-way through his training and completed his Mod 1 test today, purchased some riding and lifestyle gear and is currently debating on which model and customisation work he should go for. Stay tuned to our Instagram channel @lindhduk or follow @rickisamhall for updates. You'll be seeing more of Ricki as an exclusive ambassador or Newmarket and Norwich Harley-Davidson and will be able to follow his journey here at lind.co.uk/harley-davidson as we document his training and motorcycle build.

Want to get on two wheels yourself? We'll be opening up our cheque book to fund more training and licences real soon in our quest to get 100 new riders on the road within the next 12 months - check back at lind.co.uk for details in the next week or two.