The new Triumph Daytona Moto2 765 Limited Edition

POSTED: 06/09/2019

A long-awaited update in the timeline of the Daytona family, the new Moto2 influenced Daytona was finally announced and quickly elevated into the sights of many Triumph fans from around the world, but what is it that makes this machine stand out? This limited edition ride takes a run at the track using a 765cc engine, derived using technology and parts that have been developed and refined with Moto2 competition in mind. With only 765 units available, with around 120 allocated for the UK, this machine carries a prestige that only few riders will experience.

Taking a closer look into the new 765cc triple engine, designed by the same team actively creating the Moto2 engine, gives an insight into just how cutting-edge this machine is. Claiming 128.8bhp at 12,250rpm, while the lower end experiences 59ft lbs of torque at 9,750rpm; it's clear that this machine was made for serious performance. Based on the existing triple engine, while reworked from the ground up to offer a 600rpm faster revving, stronger and more reliable ride. Matching its incredibly high spec, the components defining the groundbreaking power inside were upgraded, with titanium inlet valves and new cam profiles, plus a full bottom-end makeover thanks to a new crankshaft, con rods and barrels.

The piston profile has been adjusted to reduce friction loss, while the machined tops help increase the compression ratio, squeezing even more power out as you progress through the rev range. The gudgeon pins, customised with MotoGP-Spec diamond like coating, ensuring their durability and performance remains at its peak. The engine pulls through much more air thanks to the race-revised intake ports, allowing more power to exude as you ride.

Beyond the raw internals, the Daytona offers an arsenal of ride-enhancing technology ensuring that you can put the power at your fingertips to good use, and appropriately manage the way you conquer each and every ride. Installed from the beginning with a quickshifter allowing effortless transitions between each gear so your progression remains buttery-smooth. A crystal-clear full colour TFT display offers the information you need to read the road, while the addition of Moto2 inspired start-up graphics and a lap timer ensure you feel like you're in the racing seat, even for a standard commute.

The dexterity of the new Daytona is increased, thanks to an incredibly lightweight anodized aluminium frame with full carbon bodywork, while the 43mm Öhlins NIX30 forks enable for a dynamic ride. At the wheels, Brembo Stylema brakes enable this incredibly powerful machine come to a stop, controllable fully to the riders standards with a span and ratio-adjustable lever and radial master cylinder.

Need we say more? For those interested in elevating their ride to experience true riding confidence, why not get in touch with either of our Triumph teams, at our showrooms in Ashford, North London or East London. A member of our team would be more than happy to help you.