The ultimate high performance muscle roadster is here - the new Rocket 3 Range

POSTED: 09/08/2019

Once in a generation, a new motorcycle arrives that completely destroys boundaries. The new Rocket 3 range has finally been revealed and is equipped with the world's largest production motorcycle engine capacity of 2,500cc, bringing the highest torque of any production motorbike and unparalleled acceleration, all delivered beautifully smoothly for an unforgettable ride. The Rocket 3 sets an all-new benchmark for handling and character, thanks to an all-new aluminium frame, engineered with forward-facing air intakes, a premium cast and forged components delivering a ride more than 15% lighter than the previous generation Rocket.

Available in two flavours, the all-new Rocket 3 R and Rocket 3 GT offer two different takes on the open road and how you can experience them with guaranteed satisfaction. One made for raw, unmatched roaring performance, and the other prepared for taking on a tour and making the lanes open up. Combining incredibly high specification, next-generation technology and the trademark beauty and performance you've come to expect from a brand new Triumph Motorcycle, the new Rocket carves its place into the market effortlessly. 

The Rocket 3 R distinguishes itself apart from the competition with incredible muscular, magnificient Triumph style, with a distinctive new silhouette and signature design - absolutely radiating a dominating presence. With 221 Nm of peak torque, establish your place on the road, whether in the city or letting loose in the country with the highest torque in any production motorcycle, seamlessly delivered throughout the rev range. Pushing you smoothly through each gear, the clutch operates with a torque assist hydraulic clutch, reducing rider effort and delivering even more control. 

While the Rocket 3 GT aims for a more comfortable, and personalised ride. Tailored towards a tour, the GT model adds a sculpted touring rider and pillion saddle, following clean lines along the bike. The pillion can rest comfortably, with a height adjustable pillion backrest, styled with brushed aluminium. For further rider comfort, there's an extended fly screen for improved wind and weather protection, plus heated grips to make those cool, airy nights a little cozier. 

The new Rocket 3 range arrives soon and we're sure it will be one you won't want to miss. For those looking to find out more, you can click here to see the new Rocket 3 R and click here to see the new Rocket 3 GT. Alternatively, get in touch with our team at either of our locations to enquire about reserving your new Rocket 3 in advance of their arrival.