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Mon, 20 Nov 2017

Luke's on two wheels!

Here at Lind Motorrad in Norwich and Welwyn Garden City we have many customers who have take advantage of the BMW Rookie to Rider package in which you pay a monthly fee for a brand new BMW Motorcycle, learn how to ride and get all the BMW Rider Equipment you need to start off. The plan is perfect for people wanting to get onto two wheels and onto a brand new BMW Motorcycle.

Our database controller, Luke Goffin, has just passed his test through the BMW Rookie to Rider program and picked up his brand new BMW G 310 R today. Luke has given us his story from his experience in Royston with the BMW Rider Training team.

“I recently took part in and completed the BMW rookie to rider scheme at the BMW Rider training centre in Royston. When I first arrived at the centre I had never even ridden a bike before but the team at Royston didn’t let that get in the way of helping me achieve what they believed I could. As I was taking part in the Rookie to Rider course I first had to earn a CBT, so the team at Royston started by teaching me about the different pieces of gear that I would be wearing when riding a bike.

After going over the theory I got to spend the second half of the day learning to ride a 125cc motorcycle and completing a few basic parts of the practice Mod 1 test that they use. On day two I spent all day learning the Mod 1, but instead of riding a 125 all day I was moved onto a F 700 GS, this is the bike that I would be using to complete my actual tests so the team were eager to have me practicing on it.

From day two until day Five it was lots of on the road training as well as getting a practice run in on the actual Mod 1 pad that I would be doing my test on. After I had passed my Mod 1 all I did was on the road training to get ready to do the Mod 2 at the end of the week. The instructors at the training centre were always more than happy to spend extra time going over certain things that I was struggling with especially if they were related to the Mod 1 test. By the end of my week at the training centre I felt like I had gained valuable knowledge from people who obviously love riding motorcycles for work and pleasure, the experience that I had at the Royston centre was well worth it  and I couldn’t recommend them enough, they are friendly and willing to go the extra mile to help you succeed.

The reason I chose to take part in the rookie to rider scheme is because at the end of it I can use a BMW G 310 R for two years while I am riding on an A2 license. The G 310 R is the newest edition to the roadster family and is a perfect bike for me as I haven’t had any previous riding experience and it is a bike that is tailor made for my situation. While I was doing my training I had a small amount of hands on experience with the bike and it was a dream to ride, due to the low engine size of the bike it can be put into higher gears earlier and stay in them comfortably making it perfect for riding in a town or city, but that doesn’t mean it’s not comfortable to ride at speed too, the bike is perfect for what I want which is something to have some fun with.”

The BMW Rider training team are offering 10% off courses in November so if you’re interested contact us at Lind Motorrad Norwich or Welwyn Garden City to get yourself on two wheels and beat the traffic!