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Fri, 31 Aug 2018

Making progress

It’s exciting times for us here at Jack Lilley Romford as work has begun for our shiny new showroom. We’re in the process of a full refurbishment to give us a totally new look for the interior and exterior of the dealership. The showroom itself will be receiving a facelift to the exterior to give a more modern and up to date look to align with current Triumph layout and designs. The interior will be shaping up too with a brand new clothing and accessories area, parts department and brighter more spacious layout.

Work has well and truly begun and out with the old, in with the new is in process. The interior of the showroom has been started first and we’re still very much open for business. 

As you can see from our progress pictures the showroom has been dismantled and new fixtures are being prepared to be installed. The work is coming along very quickly and we’re still on-track for our estimated end date which is great. We are so excited to get our new showroom up and running and to show all of our customers and friends the newly titled Triumph East London

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