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Mon, 25 Sep 2017

Motorcycle Live 2017

Every year, the ever-growing motorcycling circuit across the United Kingdom brings new and exciting events and venues to us. We get to enjoy our favorite lifestyle and hobby choices from these amazing shows that bring us all together, making learning about the latest and greatest innovations so simple!

This year, the Lind group is extremely excited about the upcoming Motorcycle Live show. It’s going to be an absolutely outstanding show; a true showcase of the quality and style that rides along the roads of the United Kingdom and beyond. We’ve been watching this grow for some time, and it has really become a popular place to be for our team. We’re sure that if you are as big a fan of bikes as we are, that you will want to be there, too.

The 2017 edition of Motorcycle Live is going to be even busier than ever before; if you’ve been in the past, this one will blow you away. Taking place from the 18th-26th November this year, you’ll have ample opportunity to come on down and see a whole host of brilliant features. Just some of the major advertisements this year includes:

·         For one, adrenaline junkies can head on over to see the FMX Live event. From what we hear, this year is supposed to be insane and should be visited by anyone who finds daredevil antics as fun as we do!

·         Also, you’ll get to see all manner of top manufacturers down at Motorcycle Live. The likes of Harley-Davidson, Quadro, Triumph and Ducati are all going to be roaring into the venue across various stages and arenas.

·         The Experience adventure is back this year, with all new changes to help you have even more fun. So is the Youth AT Experience, so if you want to help your kids get into the idea of racing this is the perfect way to get started!

·         There’s going to be a wide collection of features, too, from the Two Wheel Taster to the Custom Xtreme and Classic features to help you see some absolutely whopping builds!

·         And so much more!

Tickets are easily purchased online – just check out and you can pick up access to the tickets that you need to make your way to this amazing show. With so much fantastic insight and developments on show, you’d be crazy to miss out on this!

If you buy your ticket in advance, then you have the chance to win the fabled Golden Ticket. This is going to give the lucky winner a chance to win some absolutely bombastic prizes, and we wholeheartedly recommend that you book up for this as soon as you can. The future of motorcycling is just getting more and more exciting, and we want to help you get to where you want to be!

Excited about taking things an extra step further? Then pop down to Motorcycle Live at the NEC, Birmingham and enjoy a wonderful exhibition.

Book your tickets today, and make sure you come say hi!