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Sat, 23 Feb 2019

Notification of Personal Data Breach

We must inform customers of Guildford and Reading Harley-Davidson and employees of the Lind Group of a recent breach of our computer security following a hacking attack in which your personal data may have been compromised. The personal data may include one or more of the following:

  • Racial or Ethnic Origin
  • Basic Personal Identifiers (e.g. name and contact details)
  • Financial Data (which may include sort code & account number if we've made a payment to you recently)
  • Official Documents (e.g. Driving Licence / Passport)
  • Criminal Convictions and Offences                                                                                                                     

Whilst we believe only a small number of people will be affected by this breach, as a precaution we have sent this letter to all customers, prospects, employees (past and present) of Guildford and Reading Harley-Davidson to enable anyone who is potentially affected to take the necessary measures to protect the unauthorised use of their data. We are still investigating the breach and have yet to determine precisely which individuals have been affected and precisely which of their data has been compromised. In the meantime we recommend that you are vigilant concerning any unusual communications you may receive and you may wish to notify and seek advice from your bank or other official organisation/body (i.e. DVLA) to prevent fraudulent transactions, applications for credit or identity theft.

Those who will be most likely at risk:

  • Anyone who has sold a motorcycle to Guildford or Reading Harley-Davidson 
  • Anyone who has had a rental motorcycle from Guildford or Reading Harley-Davidson
  • Anyone receiving Bank Transfer Payment from Guildford or Reading Harley-Davidson
  • Anyone who has been employed by Guildford or Reading Harley-Davidson

We have identified and contained the potential breach of data by this unauthorised third party and are confident there are no further threats to our servers or systems moving forward. The breach has also been reported to the data protection regulator, the ICO.

We are working hard to identify each individual who we have identified as being affected and will communicate directly by post within the next 10 days.  If you do not hear anything further from us then your data has not been compromised.

I would like to extend our most sincere apologies that your personal data may have been affected in this breach and assure you that we are working very hard on this matter. If you would like to raise any queries, please email