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Wed, 16 Sep 2015

Porsche RS 2.7 Collection

Pure Porsche performance: With its 2.7-litre engine and superb power output of 155 kW [210 hp], the 911 Carrera RS 2.7 was Porsche’s answer to the stiff competition it faced in the GT motorsports arena. But the success it achieved on the racetrack wasn’t enough to tame this fiery, high performance sports vehicle.

The original planned production run was just 500 units, the number needed to meet the eligibility requirements for the races it intended to enter. Before long, however, the RS 2.7 – the world’s first production sports vehicle to feature a front and rear spoiler – was tearing up streets and capturing hearts around the globe. Today, it is a sought after collector’s item that garners the very highest prices.

Now, Porsche Driver’s Selection is commemorating this legendary vehicle’s unbridled desire for victory with an exclusive collection. Youthful, unconventional designs that reveal a passion for motorsports. From hooded jackets, t-shirts and baseball caps in the striking combination of dark grey, white and Viper Green to retro style iPhone cases, exclusive suitcases and model cars that are perfect down to the last detail. The RS 2.7 collection is reigniting the cult surrounding this Porsche icon with a casual look that evokes genuine nostalgia.

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