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Tue, 15 Mar 2016

The Battle is ON!

Join us in battle for the 2016 Battle of the Kings. For months our custom kings at Guildford, Newmarket, Norwich and Reading have been working on our top secret Battle of the Kings custom Sportster projects and we can finally show you what we have had under wraps for so long!

This year each dealership used the Sportster Iron 883 for their custom ride. The challenge is to create a totally unique custom ride that is still fully road worthy and better than the rest… Challenge accepted. 

Voting has begun. Check out the full descriptions and selection of images at the Harley-Davidson voting hub now. CLICK HERE TO VOTE


Our 2016 entry for Battle of the Kings has come from 1970s racing and the black and gold theme. The Café Racer bike was popular in the late sixties and seventies. The idea is that you have your customised bike for short, quick rides between Cafes and bars. The bike is simple with clean lines. We have gone for the Clubman dropped bars and Harley speedster screen with a vintage style yellow headlight. With gold details and stunning looks, we wanted to show that customisation can look great but it doesn't have to cost the world! VOTE 


Our 2016 entry for Battle of the Kings is an Evel Knievel themed custom ride. The thoughts, design and parts were all ordered back in November. Well before we had even heard about the exclusive Evel Kneivel fil m night we were to be holding! Our bike has a custom classic evel knievel paint job, fabricated exhaust and welds have been left for the indiustrial look. The sprocket covers are a one off made just for this bike. Our entry for 2016 Battle of the Kings is just like the ideal toy we all wanted in the Evel Kneievel days, but this time it has an engine. VOTE


Our 2016 entry for Battle of the Kings is inspired by the rich history of our town Norwich and the US Air force history in Norfolk. The bike has been very much a team effort and all our ideas have fused together to create this WLA inspired dispatch rider custom bike. The matte green paint job, nostalgia grips, hoolywood handlebars, WA Mirrors and cutting edge Screamin' Eagle silencers all give this ride an awesome custom feel whilst still an everyday useable bike. VOTE


Our 2016 entry for Battle of the Kings is named 'Anne-Marie'. Our entry this year has been co-designed by our Master Techinician Darren Shilston and PArts advisor Richard Tegg. The theme and inspiriation of the ride has come from the love of Hot Rods and everything custom we have at Reading Harley-Davidson. The aim of our Battle of the Kings entry is to show that with the power of customisation you can take a stock bike and have it looking like no other on the market. Our red powder coated hub caps and Von Dutch flying eyeball give this ride the real Hot Rod look. VOTE


Want to see the bike in the flesh before you cast your vote? Our Guildford and Norwich stores will be having a reveal party this Saturday 19th March. For Reading and Newmarket just pop by and check out their custom rides!