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Tue, 04 Dec 2018

Winter Hibernation for your Classic Porsche

Over 70% of all Porsche cars ever made are still on the road today. This is down to dedicated and careful ownership that comes from the passion of being a Porsche owner. These vehicles are well cared for and still running like a dream to this day, some now 70 years on.

Classic cars require more care than modern cars and the Porsche Classic care range helps you do just that for your pride and joy. We recommend products to keep your Porsche in tip top condition, especially throughout the colder winter months.

New – 996 Car Cover – Porsche Classic now offers an additional indoor car cover. The cover fits 996 Carrera 2 and 4 as well as all S models. The cover can also be used for the corresponding 997 models.  PCG04400077

Porsche Classic Car Care Set – 17-piece Porsche Classic Car Care Set is the best way to pay your classic car the special care and attention it deserves. It can be used on all exterior surfaces and on all Porsche paint generations. Particularly authentic: the high quality, classic style storage bag with houndstooth pattern. PCG90101040

Porsche Classic Vehicle Tracking System – Rare species deserve special protection. Thanks to intelligent, GPS-based monitoring and the associated app – with a wide range of additional functions – you can know exactly where your classic car is at any time. So you can relax on your winter break if you’re travelling away from home, your classic car is in safe hands.

Email us on or call us on 01732 361222 to speak to our experts about Porsche Classic parts and care or to order any of the items we recommend for storing your classic Porsche this winter.