Designed specifically for motorcycles, our bestselling collection of cleaning tools and products will transform the way you take care of your bike. Whether you're a novice rider, a daily commuter or a competitive racer, our products are right for all levels. Here are a few of our very best sellers. Click on the products to purchase through our online store today.

Harley-Davidson Engine Brightener

Make your engine look new again. Engine Brightener refreshes and rejuvenates tired wrinkle black finishes on engine cases, cylinder fins, covers or anywhere else the colour has faded or lost its luster. Formulated with high-temperature silicon polymer, this detergent-resistant finish restorer cleans deep into the wrinkle black surface and "moisturizes" the finish to return the original satin sheen. Just spray it on, let it soak in and wipe away for a fresh look.

BMW Motorrad Cleaning Fluid

This handy spray is a water-based degreaser that removes oils, grime, and other soils from anywhere on your motorcycle. It will not damage plastic, rubber, or vinyl, and it is safe for clear coats, chrome and paintwork on alloy wheels. 

Muc Off Triumph Motorcycle Cleaning Kit

Perfect for use with all Triumph motorcycles, our latest Motorcycle Care Kit has been created in partnership with cleaning and care product experts Muc-Off and is designed for you to maintain your perfect ride. This exclusive kit is presented in a stylish and convenient 15-litre Triumph-branded drybag and includes a superb selection of Muc-Off cleaning products that are central to their simple three-step ‘Clean, Protect, and Lube’ motorcycle care process. All of these high-quality products are used in Triumph's own development workshops

Harley-Davidson Cleaning Brush Kit

This set of 3 wood handled cleaning brushes will help you to reach into the tightest places. The chamois brush gently scrubs in between engine fins or can be used after rinse to soak up hard-to-reach water. The reverse spiral brush is perfect for cleaning tire sidewalls or those hard-to-reach spaces elsewhere on your bike. The soft Popsicle mop will leave your chrome wheels streak free. All brushes have vinyl-coated wires to prevent scratching.