New Triumph Trident concept

POSTED: 26/08/2020

"This bike is going to be aimed at people who have been riding a while but this is their first, new large-capacity machine," says Steve Sargent, Chief Product Officer at Triumph. "It’s going to be very competitively priced but we’re sticking with Triumph’s roots to maintain a premium presence in that market."

A key part of the success Triumph are hoping for lies in the engine which, as a mid-capacity triple, will make it the stand-out bike in a sector full of parallel twins. Although it’s based on existing architecture, Triumph say it’s an all-new unit both inside and out, sharing just a few common parts.

For now Triumph aren’t releasing any figures about the new powerplant, other than to say it will be A2 compliant.

Starting from scratch

The frame is new, designed just for this bike to deliver the sort of ‘roadster’ handling Triumph have become famous for.

The styling is fresh too, taking a retro meets-modern approach where classic Triumph design cues, such as the cut-outs in the tank, work alongside the modern shapes of the subframe. There’s even a dash of Italian flair with the work of Rodolfo Frascoli, whose previous penmanship has brought us the fantastic Tiger 900.

2021 Triumph Trident: Bang up to date

The new bike should be right up there technology-wise, with all new switchgear clearly visible, alongside a brand new dash and funky LED lights. There’s no indication what tech to expect, but based on the Hinckley operation’s current models, that switchgear and a desire to outdo the competition, don’t be surprised to see riding modes, cornering ABS and lean-sensitive traction control.

Triumph plan to reveal the full machine, along with all the specs and price in just a few weeks, ahead of its arrival in dealers early next year.