Ride to Work Day

POSTED: 03/06/2021

Ride To Work Day is an international campaign promoted in the UK by The Motorcycle Action Group (MAG). This year Ride To Work Day will take place on Monday 21st June and we can't wait to get involved. Our team love riding to work daily and enjoy all the benefits of riding all year round including a quicker commute, free parking, no waiting in long queues and of course the irreplaceable feeling of freedom motorcycling gives you. 

Motorcycles are a key part of a multi-modal and sustainable transport future. They provide social, economic and environmental benefits in a world currently dominated by the car.

More commuters are turning to motorcycles as a better solution than the car.  Many workers have been displaced from public transport over the last year.  Motorcycles offer a COVID-safe way to fill the gap between active travel and reduced public transport without relying on the car.

We'll be celebrating Ride To Work Day on 21st of June at all of our LIND locations open on Mondays and for those that are closed on Mondays we'll celebrate Tuesday 22nd June. To mark the occasion we're offering doughnuts on arrival to all of our friends and customers who visit on their way to work on the day of course accompanied by a fresh coffee and a warm welcome!

Visit your nearest LIND location for Ride To Work Day this year.