Triumph Beeline Moto

The award winning navigation brand Beeline have teamed up with Triumph to bring you the Triumph Beeline Moto, a dedicated navigation system that takes a very different approach to traditional sat navs.


Small, simple and stripped down – the sleek design fits neatly onto your handlebars with the included strap mount. The glove friendly buttons ensure the device is easy to use on the go and waterproof casing makes it ideal in all riding conditions.

Beeline App

This unobtrusive, reliable piece of tech is ideal for everyday use. Easy to set up, all you need to do is download the Beeline app and pair to your device. Once you have selected your destination, press go and you’re on your way. The Beeline boasts an impressive battery life, lasting as long as 30 hours, and 4-6 months on standby mode.

Navigation Modes

The Triumph Beeline Moto features two navigation modes; versatile for different rides. Use the route mode for when you require precise guidance, with options to avoid tolls, highways and ferries.

Alternatively, select compass mode when you want the freedom to explore. The app will keep track of your journey, so if you find a great route you can ride there again! Other features include a speedometer, clock and route sharing. 

You can watch Angus from LIND Triumph Central London give you the low down of the key features here: