If you're planning to store your motorcycle for more than a month, there are a few things you need to do to prepare it.

First, fill up the fuel tank completely making sure you prevent any space for condensation. Then, add an additive to the fuel to prevent the ethanol in modern fuel from turning into jelly in the fuel system. Harley-Davidson offers a product called Ethanol Guard to help with this issue. This step is crucial as it can help you avoid potential problems in the fuel system when you want to start your motorcycle again in the spring.

Using the fuel additive is a simple process. First, remove the cap and refer to the instructions to determine the appropriate amount to use. The bottle has measuring markings on the side to help you get the right quantity for your tank size. After measuring, add the required amount to your tank.

To ensure that the fuel treatment is circulated throughout the fuel system and into your fuel injectors, you need to start up the bike and warm it up. By doing this, you can avoid any potential problems that you may encounter when you try to start the bike in a few months' time. If the fuel has gone stale and turned into jelly, the bike may struggle to start or may run very roughly. This is especially true for carbureted bikes, where the float bowl can become blocked and fuel will start to overflow when you try to turn the bike back on.

If you've faced this problem before, we highly recommended that you add some fuel additive to your tank, as a cost-effective way to prevent future problems.


It is important to make sure that both tires are inflated to the correct factory pressure for your motorcycle model. You can use a tire inflator to do this or pop in-store to check your tyres with us for free.

Ensure that your motorcycle's tires are properly inflated before you leave it parked, as if the tires are left with low pressure they could become damaged where they sit bulged at the bottom, potentially leading to cracks and wear. Although it may seem obvious to some, taking a few minutes to pump up your tires can save you a lot of money in the long run by preventing the need to buy new tires.

If you're having trouble with your tyres or are unable to locate your tyre pressures in your manual, please contact your nearest LIND store for assistance.


By clean, we don't mean in a showroom condition, we mean to look at the bike as you clean it in case anything needs attention.

Often, the dirt and debris on the road can conceal objects that we wouldn't usually notice. When the wheels spin, they kick up dirt, grit, and even salt that end up not only on the discs but also on the calipers, contaminating them.

It is crucial to keep your calipers clean to ensure your brakes function efficiently. When calipers get excessively dirty or accumulate salt, they may not work as well, which could lead to potential accidents on the road. Therefore, it is essential to maintain and clean your calipers regularly to ensure your safety while driving.

As per any routine clean, use a hose, bucket of water, and any appropriate cleaning products. We have a wide variety of cleaning products available in-store and online from Harley-Davidson, Muc-Off, and more.


It's beneficial to layer up, especially when riding over the colder, winter months. When riding a motorcycle in cold weather, your hands, feet, and core can become numb, which can slow your reactions and ability to properly control the bike.

We recommend wearing thermal undergarments with purpose-fit winter riding gear to keep yourself warm and comfortable while riding. Explore our expansive range of ridewear available online HERE.


A common misconception of putting your bike away for Winter is that you should pull it out once a week, start it up, let it get warm, turn it off again, and then put it away. This is the worst thing that you can do for your bike.

We recommend putting your bike away for Winter and then leaving it until you're ready to see it again in the spring. The reason why we don't want you doing this to your bike is because it creates condensation from putting your warm bike back into a cold environment. Keep repeating this process over a period of time and you're going to have a condensation buildup that will mix with the oil, compromising the performance come the spring when you want to get out on the road again.


During winter months, bike batteries often face challenges due to lower temperatures which slow down the chemical reaction. To keep the battery charged and in good condition, it requires regular use.

However, if you're unable to use it, keep a battery pack on hand, ready to boost your battery back to life if necessary. We recommend the Harley-Davidson HOG Booster Portable Battery Pack 1000A, one of our top-sellers, small enough to fit in your saddlebag or backpack and ready to start your motorcycle in seconds.

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