24/07/2020 Scot Alvey All 03/05/2021
What are the hazards? The COVID-19 virus can be transmitted through coughs, sneezes & poor hygiene. This can lead to serious, even life-limiting illness in some people.  
What are the Risks

Infection spreading from one person to another staff member, customer, sub-contractor or another person.  

Surfaces, tools or machinery being infected. 

Allowing potentially contagious people into our dealerships. 

Having to work in close proximity to each other

Who might be harmed and what are the types and number of people affected? Staff, contractors, customers and visitors to the dealerships.  (1-20 persons).
Risk Rating Medium
What are you already doing and what are the current control actions?
  • Enforcing social distancing between staff and in their interactions with customers.
  • Sanitising stations at the entrance to all dealerships. 
  • Providing appropriate PPE such as disposable gloves, along with other items such as face coverings, hand sanitiser/disinfectant, face shields and desk screens. 
  • Ensuring customers wear face coverings when entering our stores in line with government rules.   
  • Have staff wear face coverings in public areas when members of the public are present. 
  • Restricting access to communal areas.
  • Having customers in on an appointment-only basis to keep control of the numbers. 
  • Limiting access to staff communal areas such as kitchens.  
  • Removing areas where customers can congregate.  
  • Putting in place processes for 2 person jobs, test drives & rides.
  • Having one-way systems in place in dealerships. 
  • Increased cleaning regime of regular touchpoints
Residual Risk Rating Low



Procedure written by: S. Alvey Date: 27/07/20

Special equipment required to do activity including PPE:

Face Coverings, Hand Sanitiser, Surface Disinfectant, Cloths, Face Shields, Desk Screens.

Training requirements or relevant experience necessary to perform the job:

Read the staff briefing
The procedure which must be followed and precautions to be taken
Do Do Not

1.  Keep 2 meters between you and other people at all times unless under strictly controlled conditions.
Stand closer than 2 metres to each other unless conducting a 2-person job. 

2. Maintain good hygiene with the hand sanitiser and disinfectant provided. 
2. Deliberately disobey the rules laid out in the staff briefing.
3. Use appropriate PPE as required. 3. Partake in any horseplay that would make others feel uncomfortable
4. Wait your turn to enter a communal area if full.  4. Allow more customers into the dealership than would be safe.
5. Follow the guidance on 2-man jobs and Test Ride/Drives 5. Allow customers to help themselves to drinks.
6. Keep your sanitiser with you at all times.    
7. Treat other people will respect  
8.  Catch all coughs and sneezes in a tissue.    
9.  Talk to your colleagues or management if you have concerns over people’s behaviour.    
10. Ensure you disinfect shared equipment after use.  
11. Wear a face covering in the showroom when customers are present.